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Chosen Two’s Fic-or-Treat Contest

Fuffy Halloween Contest banner

Here at various couches throughout the United States, and one in Singapore, C2 headquarters, we always have Fuffy on the brain. And so we thought, what better way to celebrate the Halloween season than with a good ‘ol fashioned Fuffy fic contest?


Entries should be 3,000-10,000 words in length, and must be new stories. Entries do not have to be scary, but must be Halloween-themed in some way (and of course fuffy!). You must include one of these in your entry:


All entries must be posted at by 12AM EST on 11/1/2013. Please reference this contest in your summary. Voting will open on Nov 1st, and remain open until 12AM EST on 11/8/2013. A link to vote will be published once we receive all submissions. *Contest must get at least six entries to continue.*


Winner: Toyfare Exclusive Buffy “Prophecy Girl” figure, and a Pieceworks card including a piece of a costume worn in the show.

Runner Up: Toyfare Exclusive Buffy figure in Purple Shirt (season 2 costume), or a Pieceworks card including a piece of a costume worn in the show.